Gislingham Silver Band

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Meet The Band

Adrian Waite - Musical Director
I learnt string bass and trumpet at school in Nottingham and played soprano cornet with the RAF Station Band where my father was stationed.
I joined the Royal Artillery's Junior Musicians Troop where I played many different wind instruments. After a year at Kneller Hall, The Royal Military School of Music, I joined the Woolwich Band (the main band of The Royal Artillery), where I remained for the duration of my Army service. I played the string bass throughout my service but played BBb bass and euphonium on parade and cabarets, as well as other instruments including bass fanfare trumpet.
Unable to stay full time in music when I left the Army, I taught as a peripatetic instrument teacher at schools and I ran an ATC (Air Training Corps) youth band and assisted the startup of the Gillingham (Kent) Youth Marching Band as well as maintaining a healthy finger on the pulse of music.
In 2009 I was working as I.T. Manager for a national training company that suddenly went into liquidation. The shock aggravated my passive congenital heart problem and subsequent tests revealed associated and unassociated lung disorders which can leave me very breathless and unsteady on my feet. I am certainly unable to blow a brass instrument any more! Looking to keep my brain active I helped to start up Felixstowe Community Radio (107.5FM) where I presented a weekly brass band show for over three years, recording several of the local bands for broadcast. I moved to a bungalow in Gislingham in March 2010 which is when I became aware of this talented band and, despite being unable to play any more, I offered any assistance I could. I helped with the Training Band and am honoured to have been appointed the Musical Director of the main band in January 2014.

Note that some of the training band juniors are now playing with the main band.


Harriet McAuslan
Principal Cornet
I started playing trumpet aged 9 and then very quickly became involved in a number of school groups as I improved. In September 2012 aged 17 I joined the cornet section of Gislingham Silver Band in order to continue to improve my skills after achieving my grade 8.


Eloise Probitts
Solo Cornet
Eloise has been playing the cornet from the age of 7, and was the youngest ever entrant at her Primary School for her Grade 1 exam. Eloise also studies piano, and classical lyric soprano, and hopes one day to study at the Royal Academy in London. She also trains and performs regularly with Bury St Edmunds Stagecoach, and performed in her first professional pantomime at Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds 2013/2014 production of Aladdin.

David Morley
 Repiano Cornet
        I started playing the cornet at the age of 8 when I joined my local Silver band in Newport Pagnell. I remained until I left for college aged 18.
I then drifted into guitar and folk blues (which I still dabble at)
In 2016, after a break of 50 years, I picked up my cornet again and joined Gislingham Silver Band.
A great group who's support and encouragement has helped me to get  back the brass buzz!

Bernard Coxhead
2nd Cornet (& Solo Cornet)
I learnt to play the cornet at the age of 8 and later began playing tenor horn with a Salvation Army band.  I also played French Horn in the school orchestra in my teens.  I dropped out of the SA in the 1960's and although there were always various musical instruments around the house I didn't actually play them or practise. In early 2016 my wife joined Gislingham Silver band to improve her clarinet playing and encouraged me to take my father's old cornet along and join as well.  To my surprise after a gap of 50 years I could still play as badly as ever.

2nd Cornet
Details to come soon.

2nd Cornet
Details to come soon.

Ron Wright
I played as a lad in the Markham Main Colliery Band and joined the senior band at the age of twelve. After doing National Service in the Army I went to Bretton Hall College, at the age of twenty-six, where I specialised in music. I took up a teaching post, at Eye Secondary Modern School, as Head of the Music Department in 1970. I managed to encourage many of the pupils to take up an instrument and join the School Band.
In 1983 I was encouraged to join Gislingham Silver Band as musical director.

Many of my pupils were to become band members.
I retired as the band's musical director in Sept 2010 after 27 years and played various instruments in the band until January 2012 when the musical director resigned and I agreed to take up the baton again. I handed the baton over to Adrian Waite at the band AGM in January 2014.

Tenor Horns

Graham MacAusland
Solo Tenor Horn & Bagpipes
Several years ago, at my wife’s suggestion, I joined the Gislingham Silver Band as they were short of players (Michele wanted to get me out from under her feet, I think). I play the solo Eb Tenor Horn in the band and the bagpipes, when requested, at weddings, funerals and Barmitzvahs!

Carrie Brown
First & Solo Dep. Tenor Horn  Joint Band Librarian 
I played the trumpet at middle school but gave it up as a teenager. 25 years later I saw an advert for the band and decided to try again! I started in the training band and I've been playing tenor horn in the main band since 2014. I'm so glad I joined, they're an encouraging and friendly bunch and it's always fun playing. It's never too late!!

Iris Debock
First Tenor Horn  Joint Band Librarian 
I came to Band Practice one night in 2000 with my late husband who played Trombone. I was given a Tenor Horn to try and joined the band as a novice player.

Malcolm Jeffery
Second Tenor Horn
I started to learn to play a cornet, as a 7 year old, in a Salvation Army band.
However, I did not get on too well with that and was moved to tenor horn instead.
After being struck with Bell's Palsy I was not able to play for many years.
However, about 5 years ago I managed to start playing again. I played for another band for three years. I joined Gislingham Silver Band in June 2016 and am enjoying every minute of it.

Elizabeth (Training Band Member)
  Second Tenor Horn (& Deputy Conductor, Training Band)
  Hi, my name is Elizabeth and I am 14 years old. I joined the Training Band in 2015. I play the tenor-horn and have done since I was 8, although you don’t need to have any experience at all if you want to join. When I first started, I wasn’t very good at playing but since joining I have improved loads. I was given the chance to conduct the band last year and since then I have become more confident and better with my conducting. In fact, I now have been promoted to the vice conductor of the training band. I really enjoy going and I 100% recommend going. Everyone is really friendly and supportive! Anyone of any age is welcome to come whenever they want!’


Colin Cutting
First Trombone
Ron taught me music at school and he encouraged me to take up the trombone and to join the school band. At Ron's invitation I joined Gislingham Silver Band in 1979. I am now one of the longest serving band members.

Alan Banks
First Trombone
I started my brass band life as a youngster in the Boys Brigade in London playing a cornet. Then continued in the 'Old' Boys Band for a few years. In 1982 after moving to Hampshire I joined 'Tadley Concert Brass' band in Tadley near Reading. On joining them I switched to Trombone and played 1st.Trom. until 2001. In the 60's I also played guitar in a group playing 'Shadows' type music. I moved up from Hampshire to Wattisfield in Suffolk in December 2014, looked around for a local band and found Gislingham Silver Band.

Jean Willoughby
Second Trombone
My musical education started, at 7, with piano lessons. Moving to a new Junior School at 9 I found that all we children had to play in the headmaster’s band. I remember playing the French Horn, something very much bigger and “Do You Ken John Peel?”!

Fast forward 60 years to a chance remark by Sheila Wright to the effect that Ron was concerned because of a scarcity of trombone players in the Gislingham Silver Band to which I replied “Well I did play something when I was 9, but never a trombone and I don’t know if I could still play now!” A trombone was duly produced, I bought a tutorial, Ron gave me some lessons and the rest is history except to say that I love being part of Gislingham Silver Band and it appears that “an old dog (certainly can) learn new tricks”!

Awaiting Placement
Bass Trombone
Position vacant - Could you fill this position?
Gary plays when he can - he's a busy man!

Baritone Horns

Peter Lucas
First Baritone Horn
I have played the piano since the age of eight and in the '70's played keyboards in a group. I am also a church organist.
Kay, my wife, came home from band practice one evening and thrust me a baritone horn and told me that I had to learn to play it as the band needed a baritone horn player. I did as I was told! I joined Gislingham Silver Band in 2001.
I thoroughly enjoy playing with the band - we are such a mixed bunch! I am also the band secretary.

David Kirk
Second Baritone Horn
My musical education was strumming a guitar during 1960's. I reached my 70th birthday and realised I really ought to do something with my life. I was persuaded, by a friend, to blow into a tube. As it wasn't a breath test I had a go on the baritone horn in the Ipswich over 50's band. After moving house I joined the Gislingham Silver Band. At first I was terrified but I am learning to relax with a very friendly and laid-back collection of enthusiasts. We love to do our best in an atmosphere without personal criticism, just the pleasure of each others' company and the satisfaction of giving enjoyment to others.

Greta Sturgeon
Second Baritone Horn
I joined Gislingham Silver Band in 1969 and was their first female member and I am now the longest serving band member. My dad, Charlie White, was for many years, the Band's president. My two sons - Barry and Ian were also cornet players prior to following their careers. I also play with the Diss Salvation Army Band.


Kay Lucas
First Euphonium 
I learnt the trombone at school for a dare and played in a junior band for a short while before going to teacher training college. I was in great demand by the music department once it was discovered I played. Not having my own instrument meant I didn't play until I joined the Copthorne Silver Band in Sussex. After a few years I found working full time and bringing up three children meant I didn't have time so I gave up. I was delighted to hear that there was a band in Gislingham after we had moved here in 1999 and went along. As there was a shortage of euphonium and baritone players I learnt to play the euphonium. I really enjoy playing with Gislingham Silver Band.
I have had the pleasure of teaching a number of our younger players and I am now running the Training Section of the band.

Ken Allison
Second Euphonium
I met Gislingham Silver Band at Yaxley Cherry Tree one Christmas when they were playing carols. I mentioned that I played the euphonium they said come along which I did and I have been going ever since. That was in 2008. I have improved my playing and enjoyed their company while doing so.

                                        Second Euphonium & Training Band Manager


Julian Moore
Eb Bass
I went to Eye Secondary Modern School and was encouraged by my music teacher, Ron Wright, to join Gislingham Silver Band as a trombonist in 1972. I later moved across to play Eb bass. Two of my sons joined the band - Wayne one of our percussionists and Ian, who was our principal cornet player prior to going off to university. I am a trustee of the band, the band chairman and the treasurer.

Awaiting Placement
BBb Bass
Position vacant - Could you fill this position?
We have a lovely instrument you could use (NOT the one pictured!)


Drum kit
More details coming soon...

Drum Major

Terry Andrews
Drum Major
I first joined Gislingham Silver Band in 1961 and after a break came back in 1975 for one season to play the cymbals but stayed on to become the bass drummer until 1984 when I became the Drum Major.

     Awaiting Placement 
       Marching Bass Drum


As a village band we welcome all local musicians. In the past we have have flautists, violinists and clarinettists. We currently have flautists, clarinettists and saxophonists in the main band with more in the training band.

Stephanie Heath
Personal notes to come soon...

Details to come soon.

Sharon Coxhead
One day whilst going around the house singing to myself my dear husband called me a musical moron and that I could not hold a tune.  I was soon to be 40 and   I took this as a personal challenge and routed out an old clarinet that was in the loft, had it refurbed.  Then I took myself off to the local music shop and asked about teachers . One of the people recommended was a retired Jazz musician who proved to be a lovely person who took me up the grade 4 in two years from scratch, I could not read music or even blow the thing. He also encouraged me to join a band to help my music.

Then we moved and with a very busy life I did not play again for nearly 20 years.  We now lived in Bacton and we had retired.  I took up my clarinet again and my husband suggested I join the local band as that would push me along and improve my music.  I joined the band in 2016, playing both with the Junior Band and the Senior.  The next week I took my husband along as they needed cornet players (he had not played for around 50 years). 

This is a lovely band with friendly, helpful people, I am so glad I got my courage together to come along!

Alto Saxophone
Details to come soon.